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Oka & Anna

Most brides n grooms – to be, have their own dream and imagination about a perfect wedding of theirs, but most of them not enough experiences in what they have to prepare in DETAIL.

Thanks to Dante wedding planner, and their team, not only be our trustable and loyal partner technically, but also emotionally. Their ideas and agility really help us (which were very busy in our daily) in getting our dreamy wedding smoothly. Very good job Dante!

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Antonius & Jessica

Thank you atas bantuannya dari preparation sampai hari H kemarin. Puas banget sama pelayanannya, orang-orangnya ramah, gercep dan baik semua,

Thank you sudah membuat acara kita jadi sukses dan lancar!

Sukses untuk team Dante! Laris manis, banyak job, berkat melimpah! GBU


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Evan & Yolanda

Dear Dante team,

We are so blessed choosing your team to organize our wedding.

So PROFESSIONAL, we even didn’t have to “musingin ini itu” when / during the day. We also received a lot of good feedback from our family on how good Dante’s service was.

Kami berdoa supaya Dante terus naik, semakin sukses! GBU

Thank you for making our day so beautiful!


Love, Evan & Yola

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Teddy & Amelia 

Special thanks to Dante Planner yang sudah meng-organize acara kami dari jauh hari sebelumnya. Ingetin ini itu dan bantu ini itu di saat kami sangat-sangat sibuk dengan urusan pekerjaan sehingga acara pada hari H bisa berjalan dengan sangat lancar. Thank you Yeni, Vena, n Yongki. Tanpa bantuan kalian gatau apa jadinya deh tanggal 22 Nov 2014 kemarin itu. Highly recommended wedding planner!



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Riady & Soraya

Dear Dante, 1 year ago, when we have to pick our wedding organizer, we know that choosing you will never be a mistake. even you save our live before, on Denis & Fanny wedding, hehehe…

Thank you so much for all the suggestions, input, and love on our special day.


Love, Riady & Soraya

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Gregory & Gracia

Kami berdua mau mendeskripsikan Dante dalam satu kata, TERBAIK.

Bener-bener kayak nggak ada flaws-nya, semua berjalan dengan lancar. Terima kasih karena tim Dante profesional banget, dan mereka bener-bener mikirin kita banget, inisiatifnya jalan banget, padahal kita banyak maunya, hahaha. Ok banget.

Dan ini masalahnya, wedding kita itu merupakan wedding yang sangat rumit yang mungkin belum pernah dikerjakan oleh vendor lain. Tapi mereka, they did this like they really “TERBAIK”, bener-bener.. Thank you tim Dante!


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Adith & Icha

Thanks for such an amazing service on our wedding. Thanks for your assistance to choose the best vendors, to give us an idea and alternative options even on very limited time for our wedding. Without all of your great team experiences and of your efforts including meeting in the middle of the night, it wouldn’t been successful wedding for us. You guys are rocks our special day.

Highly recommended!!!


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Irfan & Siska

So the event on October 9th was such a success and our guest really enjoyed the party. Our Wedding Organizer, Dante planner really worked hard and have prepped the event so well (and also prepped the 2nd plan for the beautiful unexpected raining reception) especially for Yeni, Yongky and Venalaurensia whose in charge.

Dante are really helpful partner for your wedding party, we’re very satisfied with their work and their cooperative support.

They always there when we needed, from the scratch of our plan until the party is PERFECTLY DONE.

They work profesionally, and always prepare a 2nd plan for the unexpected moment (even we -bride and groom- don’t care and don’t prep any 2nd plan) So, even on the 9th of Oct were rained, the event still ran smoothly and we all really enjoy the moment, it’s always be a memorable moment for us..

Thanks a lot!

Afterall, we’re very glad to chose danteplanner as our wedding planner and our wedding organizer..

4 thumbs up from us -you really please your client slash friends-

Irfan & Siska

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